What makes us different

We are far more than a safe pair of hands. We are a construction services company with a difference.

What makes ISG special? Our five differentiators explain what makes us uniquely ISG. They are the core attributes of our brand, based on what our employees, clients, consultants and suppliers believe deeply and distinctively about us.

We understand places are only as successful as the people and systems in them

At ISG, our roots in fit out mean we know how to deliver the technology and environments that support changing businesses and lives.

We see the built environment as more than a place to house people and systems. Instead, we view the buildings and environments we build as the infrastructure for ever-evolving businesses and people’s lives. This approach means we nurture sector-specific insights and technology-based knowledge that enables future-proofing for our customers.

What it means for our people

A challenging workplace that rewards end-user understanding, broad perspectives and big-picture thinking.

What it means for our customers

Future-focused solutions that integrate technology and construction in smart and agile environments.

We are a safe pair of hands with a difference

We blend sound delivery methods with a fast-paced, ideas-driven culture that pushes us to constantly improve.

At ISG, first and foremost, we deliver. That said, we believe providing the greatest possible level of assurance to our customers isn’t about ticking boxes and replicating processes. Our 2,800 worldwide experts across four core services blend sound delivery methods with a constant drive to improve, respond directly to the needs of our customers, and challenge assumptions to the benefit of long-term project outcomes.

What it means for our people

High expectations for delivery — but with the power to challenge assumptions to the benefit of project outcomes.

What it means for our customers

The certainty that comes from a trusted delivery, as well as the delight that comes from a highly customised approach.

We believe the delivery dynamic is as important as dynamic delivery

We listen, respond, and actively cultivate positive, highly-personalised relationships among our project teams and with our customers.

We are as committed to the customer journey as we are to the result. To this end, we empower and reward our people to build open communication and collaboration, transparent and accountable processes, and mutual trust with our customers. We believe this delivery dynamic underpins strong relationships and enriching customer experiences, and leads to a stronger end result.

What it means for our people

Incentives to communicate and collaborate, be transparent and accountable, and build trust with customers, supply chain, and each other.

What it means for our customers

An enriching and engaging customer journey from start to finish, which in turn leads to a better result.


We always care for each other, our customers and our communities

In our industry, where speed and cost reign, we are committed to creating an unbeatable customer experience, and always want to have a positive effect on the people, environment and communities we work with.

We emphasise ‘care’. We believe the best outputs come from shared goals, mutual support and inclusive practices. As a result, we never run from responsibility; we aren’t afraid of having difficult conversations; and we make it our business to always be proactive, constructive and helpful.

What it means for our people

Clear goals and expectations, active support, great employment experiences, and leadership that values people’s inputs, safety and satisfaction.

What it means for our customers

A provider that’s client-focused, constructive and helpful, never runs from responsibility, and takes the wellbeing of the community and environment seriously.

We go where your business goes

Our commitment to our customers means we are dedicated to being first to emerging sectors and being effective in new geographies.

We are an international company with global perspective. As a result, our customers benefit from best practice, sector insights and world-class quality no matter where they are in the world. At the same time, we recognise the vital need for local presence, understanding, skills, cooperation and care. We only go where we can assuredly deliver to ISG standards in a way that benefits our people, customers and communities.

What it means for our people

Access to the opportunities afforded to a global and diverse company and the chance to be pioneers in new lines of business.

What it means for our customers

A confident and consistent construction services provider ambitious on their behalf and capable of providing a consistent-quality service anywhere.