Chris Speight

Group Director

Chris Speight is a group director at ISG with a broad, international remit. Chris is responsible for our key relationship management (KRM) strategy, all AAA audits for non-UK projects and represents our emerging and remote country businesses to the ISG Stat Board. He is tasked with ensuring operational efficiency across borders and driving a culture of collaboration and customer centricity.

Chris originally joined ISG in the 1990s as a site-based project manager. After a seven-year sabbatical in the USA, Chris returned to ISG in 2011 to take on the acting country manager role for France and support the team to deliver a €27m project in Paris. Chris was then promoted to managing director of ISG’s central and eastern European division in 2013, before taking on his current role in January 2017.

Chris is recognised for his global mindset and people-focused leadership style, and is a zealous champion of diversity in the built environment workplace. With a plethora of experience from on-site project management, international business development, establishing new international hub offices and leading successful businesses, Chris has the ideal background for AAA Auditing and KRM, and works closely with leadership teams to ensure we deliver a consistent, efficient and unbeatable customer experience to our global clients every time.

Chris’s greatest passion is his family, and although he travels considerably, he tries to spend as much time as he can with his American wife and three teenage children. Chris spent seven years as a scout leader in the US and now volunteers for his local troops in Kent when he can. This involves him getting involved in lambing weekends, international jamborees and supporting young people to learn about, and enjoy the experiences of, the great outdoors.