ISG’s core values are at the centre of our governance strategy. The Statutory Board is the primary governance and oversight body for ISG, and its responsibilities include providing entrepreneurial leadership, approving long-term strategy, reviewing management performance and protecting our brand.

ISG is led by our CEO, Paul Cossell, who takes overall responsibility for ISG, our strategy and our subsidiaries across the world. Mark Stockton, CFO, Paul Weaver, COO, Richard Hubbard, CMO, and Nick Heard, company secretary, make up the remaining four internal members of our Statutory Board.

We actively encourage healthy debate at ISG, and our Statutory Board is constructively challenged by three non-executive director members. William Harrison chairs the board and Josh Friedman and Jonathan Moy provide constructive challenge and broad pan-industry insight.

Our Statutory Board

Paul Cossell – Chief Executive
Mark Stockton – Chief Financial Officer
Paul Weaver – Chief Operating Officer
Richard Hubbard – Chief Marketing Officer
Nick Heard – Company Secretary
William Harrison – Chairman
Josh Friedman – Non-Executive Director
Jonathan Moy – Non-Executive Director

ISG Statutory Board

Our Senior Management Team

Group Corporate Services


Engineering Services

Danny Blakeston

Danny Blakeston
Managing Director, Engineering Services

Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson
Preconstruction Director, Engineering Services UK

Lee Hutchinson
Managing Director, Engineering Services UK

Richard Irwin

Richard Irwin
Business Development Director, Engineering Services

UK Construction