Case Study - Critical infrastructure upgrade - Financial services, City of London

Project data

  • Customer
  • Confidential Financial Services
  • Value
  • £22.4m
  • Area
  • City of London
  • Procurement route
  • JCT 05 Standard Building Contract Two Stage
  • Programme duration
  • 69 weeks
  • Completion date
  • 2011

The project

The customer, one of the largest financial institutions in the world, asked ISG to undertake a major upgrade of critical infrastructure in two of their most high profile City of London offices. Taking place consecutively these projects were valued at over £22.4 million and took place over 69 weeks. As business continuity was crucial to the successful operation of the customer, 90% of the work was undertaken out of hours.

At one of the sites ISG took ownership of the existing car park to recreate a chiller plant room at basement level, with dry air coolers at roof level. In addition, an external 2.25MVA generator was built in a purpose built enclosure in a recess at ground floor. The unit is self-contained and clad with panels to match the existing façade, thus making it invisible to passers by.


Installing large items of equipment in confined spaces was an extremely challenging element. The meticulous planning and co-ordination of the works were of paramount importance to ensure every phase was completed on time and in accordance with the programme. All materials were just-in-time deliveries as there was no storage on site. 

Health & Safety on both projects was also a challenge as the work areas presented multiple hazards due to the size of the equipment being used in some confined spaces. Given the nature of these projects ISG is extremely pleased that both projects received the highest health & safety scores of all the London fit outs performed in November and December that year.