Fit out

When it comes to fit out, no one has a better track record than ISG. But we've never been much for resting on our laurels.

When it comes to professional and high-quality fit out and shop fitting services, we are unparalleled. Our track record reveals broader experience across a wider range of sectors, geographies and projects than any other provider in the market. From major office fit outs to large-scale global retail rollout programmes, from 'day-two' works to ATM installations, for decades we have delivered environments vital to our clients’ business operations and highly responsive to their evolving industries.

Key contact

Gary Gipson
Business Development Director, UK Fit Out
Phil Armstrong
Business Development Director, UK Retail

Businesses in the midst of change require specialist teams that understand the related pressures and complexities. At ISG, we know the office environment is rarely just a place to house people and systems; it is a key part of a business’ infrastructure. As such, it must be as resilient and agile as the business that occupies it.  

Dynamic delivery

Our fit out specialists have a track record like no other contractor. From the biggest, most complex corporate headquarters to national retail rollouts to the small but vital projects that help keep businesses competitive, for decades we have delivered fit-out construction on-time, on-budget and to an exceptional level of quality. We achieve this success for our customers with sound processes and proven delivery methods, driven by our fast-paced and agile culture.

The delivery dynamic

Our years spent working alongside businesses and consultants to address complex building and space challenges means we understand not only what constitutes great delivery, but also what makes a great delivery dynamic. Quite simply, we don’t believe in a means to an end. We believe in the open communication and collaboration that underpins strong relationships and creates enriching customer journeys.

Absolute completion 

Fit out delivery often falls down at the final hurdle — an industry reality we are committed to changing. By working to engage earlier in the procurement process and remaining involved in the project long after its handover, we can ensure seamless and effective delivery with the smoothest possible transition to the end-user. We promise absolute completion, and we make sure we get it every time.

Always care 

We are committed to building stronger, deeper, more productive relationships with our customers. Always care is a core value for ISG people and so we've taken the traditional notion of after care and evolved this into a trusted and long-term service built on a deep understanding of our customers. Bridging the gap between fit out and facilities management, our specialists deliver 'anytime-anywhere' projects to support our customers’ constantly changing business needs.  

Our experience

We have a long-standing and unrivalled experience in providing construction services across a range of sectors. Whether we are working for global retailers, education providers, government institutions, world-renowned companies, or delivering ground-breaking research and development facilities, our first corporate goal is to provide the best customer experience in our industry - before, during, and after project delivery. Learn more about our sectorised approach by visiting the following links.


ISG - Gary Gipson
  • Gary Gipson
  • Business Development Director, UK Fit Out
Phil Armstrong
  • Phil Armstrong
  • Business Development Director, UK Retail