Systems Ingenuity

Today's workforce seeks a different kind of work environment - one that makes their work lives more comfortable, flexible and convenient.

Businesses increasingly require highly efficient real estate portfolios that directly support their objectives. As a result, today's smart buildings must be more than just smart - more than just buildings. A step change in the way smart buildings are designed and deployed is necessary to the continued success of business and the long-term viability of our cities and communities. We are creating that step change. At ISG, we're transforming the approach to building design. Our systems ingenuity offer is unrivalled in the industry and positions our highly skilled technology consultants as master systems architects, driving value and systems intelligence from the beginning of the process. We offer vision to delivery and beyond, building and then managing the systems we design.

Key contact

Matthew Roche
Managing Director, Technology Solutions
Paul Cook
Head of Technology, Technology Solutions

Leading business. Smart experiences. Best solutions.

“We work with clients, consultants and businesses who are forward-thinking, innovative and collaborative, and to meet their needs, we believe we must be just as nimble, smart and engaged. That's why we have built a team of the best and brightest and nurtured a culture that supports cutting-edge technology and great ideas.”

Bart Korink, Chief Operating Officer, Engineering Services

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Whether we are at work on a datacentre or a research and development environment, a manufacturing and distribution centre or a media and broadcasting facility, we bring the right skills to the table at the right stage of the process. As a result, we are able to deliver highly complex projects that enable our clients to focus on their own work: developing, researching, collaborating, providing and protecting critical services and products for people and businesses locally and around the world.

Signed, sealed and ready to be delivered at UCL

UCL’s £300m Institute of Neurology will combine world-leading healthcare facilities with complex research laboratories to discover new ways to diagnose, treat and ultimately prevent one of the greatest health challenges of our time.

Bringing together 500 clinicians and researchers from different disciplines, the new neurology hub will tackle global challenges for neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and vascular dementia.

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Andrew and Chris - ISG

Announcing two major science and health appointments

ISG’s specialist science and health team has strengthened its UK leadership team with the appointment of two new divisional directors.

This comes after a record-breaking financial year for ISG and unprecedented levels of demand for the science and health business.

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Our core services

ISG is different. Our origins in fit out means we have meticulous attention to detail and focus on the client’s needs and business drivers like no other, and we know that every project is a technology project. Which is why we acknowledge our service offer is equally about fit out, technology and construction.

Fit out

Our track record reveals broader experience across a wider range of projects than any other provider in the market.


Our dedicated technology solutions team capable of advising and implementing for our clients across all sectors.


We have a strong track record of construction and engineering projects, from single-storey construction to large-scale.


Matt Roche - Tech Solutions - ISG
  • Matthew Roche
  • Managing Director, Technology Solutions
Paul Cook, Technology Solutions - ISG
  • Paul Cook
  • Head of Technology, Technology Solutions