Education and public sector

Our extensive experience delivering public sector projects means we bring a rare perspective.

Our education and public sector programmes and projects benefit from our broad insights and experience for what makes best practice from across the public and private sectors. Balancing efficiency with quality requires a clear understanding of the unique needs of our customers, other stakeholders and the end users. At ISG we have worked alongside public sector organisations to deliver schools and other public buildings from the community liaison and events stage through construction delivery.

Key contact

Zoe Price
Group Director - Public Sector Frameworks
Louise Tanner
Business Development Director, UK Construction South

Our extensive experience delivering public sector projects means we bring a rare perspective to these works. We see ourselves not just as builders, but also as enablers of the important activities undertaken by educators, civil servants and students every day. We take our role in creating safe, high-quality environments very seriously. As a result, we emphasise collaboration and shared goals throughout the construction process with the intent of helping public agencies meet both current and future needs.

We have a strong track record of delivering a wide-range of environments in the sector,  and we make sure to put effectiveness, efficiency and value for money at the heart of our delivery strategy. We strive to work collaboratively with our customers, helping them realise a more intelligent use of their space and making their capital investment go even further.

Everton Free School, ISG

Public sector frameworks

ISG is proud to be on a number of public sector frameworks covering construction work across a variety of sectors. After over two decades of working on frameworks, we have honed a much-proven ability to deliver on time and on budget. Just as importantly, we have cultivated the expertise to provide focused insight, the dynamic culture to collaborate meaningfully, and the flexibility to enable efficient processes and deliver effective outcomes.

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What we do

Our experience in education includes a wide range of environments, from flagship new builds and complex refurbishments to flexible fit outs, and we receive great feedback from our customers. For example, here is a video featuring The Linden Academy principal, Carrie Matthews, explaining how we built their school in time for the new academic year. The Linden Academy project was awarded via the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) Framework.

Interview with Tania Beard. Headteacher at St Martin's School, Devon

Our core services

ISG is different. Our origins in fit out means we have meticulous attention to detail and focus on the client’s needs and business drivers like no other, and we know that every project is a technology project. Which is why we acknowledge our service offer is equally about fit out, technology, construction and developments.

Fit out

Our track record reveals broader experience across a wider range of projects than any other provider in the market.


Our dedicated technology solutions team capable of advising and implementing for our clients across all sectors.


We have a strong track record of construction and engineering projects, from single-storey construction to large-scale.


Our skills as an agile and insightful development partner arise from our expertise and deep understanding of construction.


Zoe Price at ISG
  • Zoe Price
  • Group Director - Public Sector Frameworks
Louise Tanner - ISG
  • Louise Tanner
  • Business Development Director, UK Construction South