Traditional procurement methods aren’t working, says ISG tech leader

7 November 2017

Traditional procurement methods aren’t working because they do not address the changing needs of the client, says ISG tech leader, Matthew Roche.

Speaking at a Construction News and Autodesk think tank debate - which took place on 13 September 2016 and featured input from senior industry figures - ISG technology solutions managing director Matthew Roche explained how clients in the construction industry are now more aware of their technology requirements.

“When we engage clients, they don’t want to meet the construction director; they want to meet the technology solutions director,” he said. “They want to understand technology and how you integrate it with their building. It has been a huge paradigm shift for us to work out how we integrate that. Traditional procurement doesn’t fit what our clients want today.”

Matthew said clients are already gravitating towards contractors who can best meet their needs in terms of technology.

Technology solutions is ISG’s in-house buildable technology experts. Established in 2015, Matthew Roche was announced as managing director of the consultancy offer in June 2016.

Alongside Matthew at the roundtable event included Malcolm Taylor from Crossrail, Arup’s Mike Beavan and AECOM’s David Glennon, as well as representation from other construction companies.

The discussion focused on how companies should use technology to gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly globalised market place.

Issues under discussion included the growth of the internet of things (IoT), which involves the proliferation of smart devices and products. Matthew described IoT as the most exciting emerging market at the moment.

Follow the link to read the full article, What does globalisation mean for construction?, on Please note you may need access to the CN website to read the article in full. Image from Construction News.