The virtues of virtual construction: ISG dreams smart at tech challenge

7 November 2016

Imagine a building site where teams of robots are used to mirror the actions of humans using virtual reality. The augmented set-up would help to improve efficiency and productivity on site, as well as further enhancing health and safety standards.

It may seem like science fiction, but a team of bright young minds – led by ISG’s BIM expert Jack Dearlove – pitched the idea to a panel of expert judges at a special 24-hour challenge event.

The CN Summit inaugural Tech Sprint took place on 11-12 October at the Hilton Bankside, London, and brought together 31 of the industry’s brightest minds. The goal was to create a new technology-based solution to improve efficiency on construction sites.

Jack led the Team Inception group, which championed the concept of robotic workers utilising the advancements brought about by BIM.

The team looked to highlight interaction between humans and robots, and how both virtual and augmented reality solutions were already being used to great effect in the industry.

The judges described the concept as transformative and far closer to reality than many people might believe, touching on issues surrounding artificial intelligence and how robots could eventually teach other robots through machine-learning.

Team Inception gave a clear, concise and convincing pitch, but just missed out on the top prize at the event.

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