Sustainability Report 2015-16: out now

20 October 2016

A new report published today will set out how ISG has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 9 per cent over the last 12 months, and our emissions intensity by over 12 per cent.

ISG’s annual Sustainability Report provides an overview of our 2015-16 performance against our targets set out in our 2020 Sustainability Vision.

The report looks into our achievements in the areas such as waste, emissions, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and social value.

As well as reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, 92.5 per cent of construction and demolition waste was diverted from landfill.

Other key information published in the report includes:

  • Over the last year, we produced 5.6 tonnes of waste per £100,000 revenue
  • Over 50 per cent of our projects (by value) in the UK undergo environmental assessment (such as BREEAM, LEED or Ska Rating)
  • £252,000 contributed to charity partner CARE International including ‘in-kind’ donations
  • 81.4% of employees responding to an employee survey would speak highly of ISG as an employer
  • 23% of our employees globally are women