Smart lessons from Edinburgh help us become more efficient, says ISG’s Andy McLinden

13 August 2018

Smart lessons from Edinburgh help us become more efficient, says ISG’s Andy McLinden

Edinburgh is an amazing city, and at this time of year also has some fairly unique logistical challenges that drive contractors to become much more efficient and forward thinking in their strategic planning approach, says ISG’s regional lead in the North and Scotland, Andy McLinden.

UK Construction North and Scotland managing director, Andy McLinden, shared his thoughts on how Edinburgh can be seen as a microcosm for the industry’s wider drive towards greater productivity and efficiency, via a column for the influential Scotsman newspaper. 

Andy discusses how contractors working in Edinburgh need to adopt a smart approach to planning due to serious restrictions in activity that surround the Edinburgh International Festival and Christmas period – the two most important entries on the city’s annual calendar. 

This rigorous focus on effective planning makes our business more agile, efficient and open to adopting new innovations and technology to support efficient delivery. 

Andy writes: “Recent data suggests that Edinburgh will need 9,000 additional hotel rooms by 2021 to simply keep pace with rising visitor numbers.

“This means a departure from the traditional ways of working and the widespread adoption of modern, innovative technology to keep pace with the demand.

“The ability to spot design, sequencing and logistical issues at an early stage means that we can make changes quickly and cost effectively.

“This is the future of construction, and I like to think that Edinburgh has played its role in setting us down this path.”