ISG supports new report into social value and building design

3 November 2017

Eden School, Blackburn, UK - ISG

Decisions made during the design stage of construction has a huge effect on the social value of public projects, says ISG’s social value ambassador.

National frameworks social responsibility manager, Dr. Vicky Hutchinson, made the comments in a press release to promote a new report by the Supply Chain Sustainability School called, ‘Social value and design of the built environment’.

“Design decisions made in the early stages can have a major impact, both positively and negatively, on the quality of social value outcomes on a construction project,” Vicky said.

“This innovative publication is a great resource to help designers understand what is possible and how to achieve meaningful results.”

Published on the fifth anniversary of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, the report includes the opinions of experts from across the design community and focuses on case studies across the infrastructure, education, housing, health, offices and retail sectors.

The report highlights ISG’s work at the Eden School in Blackburn, UK, which created social value by allowing students to use the on-site meeting rooms, reaching out to local employment and training providers, providing work experience for unemployed people, hosting student tours and fundraising activities for local charities.

Quoting from the press release: “Designers and architects can generate social value by integrating people’s views into decision-making, supporting cultural integration and social cohesion, creating built-environment assets that promote health and wellbeing, plus enhancing lifespan and value, so boosting economic prosperity.”

Click this link to read the full report.