ISG on the double as it bags two HR awards in Hong Kong

14 November 2018

ISG on the double as it bags two employer awards in Hong Kong

ISG is delighted to announce that it has officially been certified for the Good Employer Charter and awarded the Good MPF Employer Award 2017-18, in recognition of its successful employee initiatives in Hong Kong. 

With two other employer awards under its belt this year, ISG is delighted with the accolades which shine a light on our drive to achieve our corporate goal of offering an unbeatable employment experience, recruiting and developing the best talent in our sector.

The Good Employer Charter is organised by the Labour Department of the Hong Kong Government, which recognises employers that adopt employee-oriented and progressive HR management practices, thereby cultivating a positive HR management culture in the workplace. 

This includes providing industry-leading employee benefits, initiatives that demonstrate care for employees, work-life balance and effective internal communications.

The Good MPF Employer Award is organised by Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, which aims to provide better retirement protection for employees, while cultivating employers’ responsibility under the law. 

This includes placing a high level of importance on employees’ retirement needs and going the extra mile in offering more benefits than is legally required.

Tim Threlkeld, managing director of ISG in Hong Kong, commented: “We value our employees and we work hard to retain great talent in the business and attract like-minded people to join our team.”

“We are truly honoured to be recognised for our efforts in advocating employee-centric practices and providing competitive fringe benefits, regular MPF contributions, training and development schemes and fostering a culture of work-life balance in our work environments. 

“We will continue to drive these initiatives and lead by example."