ISG gender pay gap report 2017

03 April 2018

ISG gender pay gap report 2017
ISG has published its gender pay gap report today in line with the UK Government’s new legislation.

The gender pay gap highlights the imbalance of men in senior, higher-paid roles to women, and publishing the data plays a key role in accelerating the closure of the gap.

ISG has taken strides towards improving gender balance over the past few years, but recognising that it must do more to accelerate closing the gender pay gap, has pledged to review and revise its five-year diversity strategy to create a more balanced workforce in the coming months. 

ISG CEO, Paul Cossell, commented: “We welcome the Government’s new legislation to publish our annual gender pay data as we believe this is a significant step towards finding solutions as an industry to close the gap.

"The results are not unexpected, and at ISG we know that we need to do more to improve the gender balance of our more senior roles as our results reflect.

“What is important is how we address the gender imbalance to ensure we have a workforce that more accurately reflects our society. While as individual organisations, we have the mechanisms to positively affect behavioural change and make our businesses more inclusive and diverse places to work, our industry needs to collectively work harder to positively change the conversation and perception of careers in construction."

ISG’s Group HR Director, Jane Falconer, added: “We need to set the conditions for a balanced workforce at every touchpoint – so engaging with pupils, teachers and parents at a much earlier stage, actively supporting and engaging with STEM subjects in school, looking outside our industry for inspirational leaders and become much better at explaining why the built environment is a home for aspirational and talented individuals, regardless of gender.” 

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