ISG dips for the line to finish Manchester Velodrome on time

22 June 2018

ISG dips for the line to finish Manchester Velodrome on time

ISG’s race to replace the wooden cycling track at the Manchester Velodrome has hit the front cover of Building Magazine.

The four-page technical profile details the key challenges and delivery solutions employed by ISG on its £1 million fast-track project to refresh the track at the home of British Cycling.

With only a nine-week window to complete the job and enable athletes returning from the Commonwealth Games to get back on their bikes and hit the track for competitive training, ISG’s framework director for the North West Construction Hub, Neil Walker, told Building magazine about the intensive planning required to circumnavigate such a tight project timeframe.

“We had 15-weeks to plan the project in detail, which was longer than the time we had on site to deliver it,” he said. 

Due to the type of timber required for the replacement track surface – 55,000m of 40x40mm Siberian spruce to be precise – and the need for it to be shipped in from Germany, the success and timely delivery of the project depended on ISG having every element in place ready to go when work started on 26 March.

“The lead time meant [the timber] had to be ordered before Christmas 2017 to ensure delivery the week we started on site,” Neil explained.

The meticulous preparation continued with the complex installation of the track, which was planned down to the minute.

To fit the entire 55,000m length of track, three operatives painstakingly looped the timber around 177 times, hammering in excess of 250,000 nails by hand in the process.

“Detailed programming was made easy because we knew each loop took 50 minutes to install, so it was easy to work out how long it would take them to reach the top,” says Neil.

“It’s a very efficient process, even though it’s all done by hand.”

The brand-new velodrome was handed over to British Cycling on 28 May, as planned, and represents ISG’s latest successful project delivered via the North West Construction Hub framework for Manchester City Council.

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ISG dips for the line to finish Manchester Velodrome on time