ISG continues to build a reputation for technical excellence in the data center market

University of Cambridge data center

ISG has carved out an enviable position in the data center market, according to a special editorial published in Construction News. The article, published on 8 April 2016, recognised the £1bn worth of data center activity undertaken by ISG across Europe in the last five years. Speaking in the article, ISG Managing Director for Fit Out & Engineering Services, Paul Cossell, said the key to the division’s success was a reputation for absolute reliability.

“You have to be a very meticulous and detailed business so that when you push the ‘on’ button you can do so with a smile on your face knowing that it is going to work,” he said. “When you work with data center customers, the building is just something to keep the rain and wind out. It is all about it operating perfectly. That is what you build your reputation on – technical excellence.”

Paul also highlighted how ISG has focused its data center activities outside of the south of England, where power stations have already been working at full capacity. “London doesn’t offer cheap space or many options and you can see why people are interested in other locations,” he said. “As long as having a facility very close to your place of business is not a major driver, you can see why people would start to think outside the very expensive real estate box.”

ISG’s dedicated technology consultancy service, Technology Solutions, has helped to strengthen ISG’s data center offering throughout Europe. Technology Solutions was created to place technology at the forefront of the build process.

AMA Research has predicted the data center construction market will be worth £1.14bn by 2020 as the need for data storage increases.

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