'Ignore the relevance of your BIM model at your peril', says ISG tech guru

The value of BIM data does not stop at project handover.

In the August 2016 edition of Inside Networks magazine, Matt Roche, managing director of ISG’s technology solutions offer, writes about how siloed approaches and contractual behaviours need to change in order to recognise the importance of integrated delivery teams.

“The supply chain and professional teams need to work collaboratively to offer the best value and quality for the customer, and BIM can help to drive this process forward. The value of BIM data does not stop at project handover and we ignore its value to property owners and operators at our peril.” Matt writes.

ISG established a technology solutions offer in 2015 and announced Matt Roche as the managing director of the consultancy offer in June 2016.

Technology Solutions at ISG is revolutionising the traditional technology delivery model, making our customers’ work environments smarter and more resilient. We believe technology can no longer afford to be an add-on to the built environment — it must be integral to the fabric of the place. Our Technology Solutions team works at the intersection of technology, construction and business, creating buildable solutions from strategy and design through to delivery and operation.

Follow the link to read the full article, Question Time with Matt Roche, on insidenetworks.co.uk.