Cyber security issues represent a design failure, says ISG’s tech lead

16 April 2018

Cyber security issues represent a design failure, says ISG’s tech lead

To keep up with advancements in technology and prevent cyber-attacks, our approach to designing our buildings and their systems needs to evolve, says ISG’s head of technology.

Speaking in an exclusive feature for leading commercial interiors magazine, Mix Interiors, Paul Cook, who is part of ISG’s in-house technology business, Technology Solutions, examines the traditional approach to procuring and delivering any built environment project.

Paul explains that cyber-security issues represent a design failure, and also shares his thoughts on what the industry could be doing to eradicate the conditions that allow security breaches to occur.

"Enlightened clients may instruct a Master Systems Integrator into the process, but usually this comes too late to affect real change and this role is simply to tie a host of disparate packaged systems into a workable solution, with no clear purpose, function or management plan," he says.

"If we approach a project with a different mindset, it's possible to see how cyber-security issues aren't looked at in isolation, but become part of the solution and strength of the building design process."

Paul also highlights ISG's innovative master systems architect approach, and explains how it considers cyber-security solutions from the outset of any project in order to create a secure data environment.

“Cyber-security, then, is not an afterthought or a bolt-on solution at the end, but fundamental to the design process," he says.

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