ISG arrives on site as the BBC DIY SOS veterans’ village project begins

ISG has taken the lead on securing the supply chain for this ambitious project. They will be working alongside many other constructions firms to develop a veterans’ community by bringing 25 empty homes back into use in east Manchester.

A first of its kind partnership, the project is bringing together Manchester City Council, the BBC’s DIY SOS: the Big Build project, charities Walking With The Wounded and Haig Housing, and Adactus Housing Groups – along with a huge amount of time and expertise donated to the project by volunteer contractors.

In addition, many suppliers, utilities and smaller specialist companies have come forward to help on this biggest ever DIYSOS project.

As supply chain lead, ISG is sourcing contacts and securing project support from a wide range of organisations, for the different elements of this Big Build project. They are also providing a support role on the ground to help coordinate activities in the preparation and construction stages.

During the first phase, eight of the street’s empty homes will be refurbished to create three larger adapted residential homes for veterans and their families, one standard size property and a veteran walk-in support and advice centre – all by the end of September.

The aim of the project is to create a veterans’ housing community within the existing community, the advice centre will have a private space for therapy and counselling – run by Walking With The Wounded – and provide a space for community use.

Training and employment opportunities are being developed for veterans and existing residents.

At the same time, street scene improvements will provide disabled access parking, a planting scheme will be introduced, and each of the 62 properties on the street will receive a facelift – ready for a group of veterans and their families to move in at the end of the month.

The project will welcome any further support the construction industry can provide – especially as the project moves in to its second phase where the remaining 17 empty properties will be refurbished by the charity Haig Housing.

Danny Murray, ISG’s Northern regional managing director, commented: “The response from the regional supply chain has been outstanding and we are extremely grateful to every one of these businesses for mobilising so quickly and putting an immense amount of effort and resource into this amazing and transformational project.”

Nick Knowles, the BBC DIY SOS presenter, said: “We couldn’t have done this without the amazing support of all these trades. The enormous amount of help – in time, materials, labour and much more- is a tribute to our nation’s building industry.”

Cllr Bernard Priest, Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council, said: “This is an incredible project that will help improve the lives of veterans in Manchester. As the project begins, I would like to thank all of the contractors and suppliers who have volunteered their time, expertise and manpower to make the new community a reality.”

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