Attracting and listening to diverse groups will drive our industry forward says ISG’s CEO Paul Cossell

13 January 2017

In a wide-ranging article in today’s Building magazine, ISG’s CEO, Paul Cossell, talks passionately about how the industry needs to embrace technology and innovation to attract the brightest young talent into the sector.

Paul told Building magazine that improving the image of the built environment was still a challenge, but is needed to help encourage more young people into considering a career in construction. He said about the pace of change in the industry: “If companies can embrace the thoughts and ideas of those people and involve them more in the decision making, that will unlock what’s possible.”

“There’s a lag between reality and perception. When we start attracting more diversity into the industry, it becomes self-fulfilling.”

Appearing on the front cover of the national built environment publication, Paul exclusively shared his ambitions and strategy for the business, and his drive to make the sector an aspirational career choice for young people.

Paul is bullish about the need for the industry to make a sustainable margin that can then be re-invested in research and development to deliver productivity gains seen in other sectors.

Much of the money currently being lost in the industry is down to inefficiencies, he said. “It’s a given that we will have 3D design that will go straight to manufacture offsite, that there will be a lot less resource to site assembly,” he said. “We will need fewer boots on the ground and the boots on the ground will require a slightly different mind-set.”

Paul also dismissed claims that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union will have a detrimental effect on the capital, claiming that London will still remain the preeminent city in Europe.

“I’m fortunate enough to go to various cities around the world and without question there is no city this business would rather be in.”

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