A delicious 10 out of 10 for ISG in Spain

09 March 2018

A delicious 10 out of 10 for ISG in Spain

ISG in Spain has delivered a 10 out of 10 office fit out for chocolate production company Natra, at their headquarters in Madrid.

One of the leading chocolate production companies in Europe, Natra, has six specialised production centres across Spain, Belgium, France and Canada, as well as a commercial presence in the United States and across Asia. 

ISG in Spain was tasked with delivering Natra’s new headquarters in Madrid, Spain, achieving full marks in the post-completion customer experience survey.

The relationship between ISG and Natra was excellent throughout the duration of the project, with ISG’s strong reputation of delivering high quality office fit outs influential in the tender process.

Throughout the tender, ISG displayed the adaptability and flexibility to achieve the best results based on the needs of the client, and the quality of the bid ensured Natra were provided with a clear vision of the finished project. 

The fit out included demolition works, and divisions of plasterboard and glass to the new space.

The team also delivered specific, made to measure, furniture for the new office.  

Natra’s Analía Karina highlighted the open communication throughout the project between Natra and ISG as a key for its success: ‘’The site team were always open and flexible, and there was fluent communication. 

“We always felt understood and taken care of at all times, which is comforting during a project.’’

Analía added that the Natra team is looking forward to working with ISG in the future: ‘’ISG provided quality, speed of action and commitment throughout the project. 

“With no doubt whatsoever, we will work with ISG again. This was an excellent job.’’