Shedding light on workforce wellbeing.

This year is the International Year of Light. The global initiative will see the United Nations collaborate with various scientific bodies to highlight the importance of light and increase our understanding of it. 

Lighting and wellbeing

Light is fundamental to our existence but there are many challenges surrounding how we manage it, particularly artificial lighting. Exposure to certain kinds of light, or too much artificial light, can cause a number of health concerns. However, scientific studies and emerging technologies present new opportunities to mitigate these potential risks and even mimic natural daylight to improve alertness and wellbeing.

BRE, the world-leading, independent, built environment research consultancy, recently completed a review of lighting and health (to be published later this year), which revealed that the intensity and spectrum of light can dramatically impact our daily cycles of sleep and waking. For more information visit

ISG, in collaboration with BRE are embarking on a project to investigate the potential to improve workforce wellbeing and productivity through the control of lighting that emulates or complements nature’s cycles of light and dark.

Dr Paul Littlefair, Principal Lighting Consultant at BRE, explains more in this short Q&A.

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