Gender pay gap
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Reaching for balance

Gender pay gap report 2017

The World Economic Forum has recently calculated that it would take over 200 years for disparities in the pay and employment opportunities of men and women to end at the current rate. It falls to businesses to accelerate the closure of this gap, and we welcome the Government’s new requirement for organisations with more than 250 employees from all sectors to publish their gender pay data in the UK, in an effort to give transparency, open the debate and do something about it.

Message from our CEO

We welcome the UK government’s new legislation to publish our annual gender pay gap data, as we believe this is a significant step towards finding solutions collectively as an industry to close the gap. The results are not unexpected, and at ISG we know that we need to do more to improve the gender balance of our more senior roles, as our results reflect. What is important is how we collectively address the gender imbalance, to ensure we have a workforce that more accurately reflects our society. While as individual organisations, we have the mechanisms to positively affect behavioural change and make our businesses more inclusive and diverse places to work, our industry needs to collectively work harder to positively change the conversation and perception of careers in construction.

Paul Cossell, CEO, ISG

Our gender pay gap headlines

We’ve calculated the pay and bonus data from our legal entities across the UK with 250 or more employees, which are:

  • ISG Construction Ltd - our four UK construction businesses,
  • ISG Fit Out Ltd - our office fit out and engineering services businesses in the UK,
  • and ISG Retail Ltd - our UK-wide retail construction and fit out business.

ISG Construction Ltd

Gender pay gap

ISG Fit out Ltd

Gender pay gap

ISG Retail Ltd

Gender pay gap

We’ve made these calculations based on pay and bonus data from April 2016 to April 2017. We welcome the opportunity to publish our gender pay gap findings, and we are committed to taking significant steps towards accelerating closing the gap in our industry.

Reaching for balance - our five-year diversity strategy 2018-2022

We are dedicated to equipping ourselves with the organisational agility to respond quickly and effectively to the ever-changing nature of business today. Creating a diverse business is not only the right thing to do, it helps us to become the kind of global business we want to be. Our ‘Reaching for balance’ five-year diversity strategy aims to accelerate our workforce balance at all

During 2018, we will interrogate and revise our action plan to increase leadership accountability and set targets to drive improvement. We will continue to focus on recruiting a balanced workforce, generating a more balanced leadership succession pipeline, removing potential diversity imbalance barriers, and ensuring that we have an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity at all levels.

What our people say...

Cat Green, Group Marketing and Communications Director
Read Cat's story

"Our vision is to become the world’s most dynamic construction services company, delivering places that help people and businesses thrive, and we know that we can only achieve this if we create environments that foster creativity and innovation. When I joined ISG in November 2015, I was the first woman in our global leadership group. Two years on there are four female members in this top-forty team of leaders. As more women take leadership roles in construction, and demonstrate the significant value and competitive advantage a more diverse boardroom gives organisations, we will accelerate gender parity at all levels."

Luisa Contini, Project Engineer                                        
Read Luisa's story

"I’ve met some inspiring women during my career in the construction industry, and although there are still stereotypes that imply women are not suited for working in this sector, things have come a long way. ISG actively encourages flexible working, and is taking proactive strides to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce. We have signed up to the Young Women’s Trust pledge to improve apprenticeships for women, and I believe these initiatives will have a real long-term impact. Encouraging young women by offering them practical exposure to construction is the best way to ensure they choose a hands-on career in the industry."

Zahra Ghaffari, Assistant Project Engineer                                                            
Read Zahra's story

"After moving to London, I decided to follow my passion for engineering and construction, and took up a degree in Structural Engineering. I soon found out more about ISG’s graduate programme and knew it would be a great place to continue learning and growing. The programme has not only given me the chance to work on world-class projects and develop my engineering skills, but my personal skills too. I’ve also had the opportunity to take different courses and to learn more about how the business works. ISG provides you with essential training, the chance to work with and learn from some of the industry’s best, and gives you the building blocks you need to help you succeed."

Anthia Lazarou, Graduate Trainee                                                         
Read Anthia's story

"I visited ISG’s stand at the University of Reading’s careers fair, and was impressed by the scale of its portfolio. I knew I wanted to kick-start my career here, and first joined ISG in 2014 on the industrial placement scheme, rejoining in 2016 on the graduate programme. ISG has given me the opportunity to rotate across core business units, enabling me to gain an integrated understanding of the delivery process. ISG truly looks after its employees, with development always being a top priority. All the teams I’ve worked with have supported my growth and ISG has equipped me with the tools to jump-start my career."

Nicola Coughlin, Divisional Technical Services Director
Read Nicola's story

"Joining ISG gave me the opportunity to broaden not only my field of expertise, but also the size and complexity of projects I could be involved in. My own personal progression has allowed me to pass this experience on to others and hopefully has enabled them to trust their own skills so that we can develop the next generation. You are not limited by being a woman within what is considered a maledominated industry. You are only limited by yourself – on what you are prepared and willing to achieve. If you want to be a success, you will be."

Laura Lees, Senior Surveyor                                                            
Read Laura's story

"I first joined ISG for my placement year during my Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management degree, and returned after graduating. I’ve been given the opportunity to work in a multitude of sectors on projects ranging from £200,000 fit outs to £20m construction builds. The company supported me to complete my MSc in Construction Law and I was very fortunate to have an excellent female senior surveyor as my line manager when I started out, and she was a great role model and inspiration for me. The feeling of being part of a great team is really important to our company; you are never working in isolation, and have excellent support, enthusiasm and motivation all around."

Zoe Price, Group Director for Public Frameworks
Read Zoe's story

"I have always been impressed by the way in which our company supports women returning to work after having children. I joined ISG when my daughter was three years old and my son was just six months old. Not only did the company support my wish to work part-time, but I was also encouraged to build flexible working hours into my contract to allow me to tailor my childcare arrangements to suit my family. Thanks to the support from ISG’s senior leadership, who recognise the best people for each role, I’m still able to work part-time hours and am proud to now hold a group director position at ISG. My family is not seen as a barrier to my success or my progression."

Mirna Ayoubi, Design Manager                              
Ready Mirna's story

"The construction industry is one of the most vibrant industries there is to work in, as what you do changes from day to day and project to project. One thing the construction industry is missing is the need for more female role models. If young women cannot see who they can be, they cannot be who they want to be. I’m very fortunate to be working for a company such as ISG that believes in its employees and encourages them to ‘dream smart’ and ‘never stop learning’. My confidence has increased immensely. I’m constantly thinking about where my next project will take me, and with ISG’s support I believe I can reach my full potential."

Our report in full

Download our report

Click here to download our full gender pay gap 2017 report