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Today’s educational institutions, from schools to universities to further education establishments, face an uncertain world and a greater need to make their estates as efficient and effective as possible. It’s no longer enough to simply build facilities that are fit for purpose.

Is there a school model that could provide standardisation without limitation; how do you re-evaluate the further education estate in the face of funding challenges; what will attract discerning fee-paying students in a competitive marketplace? We understand these challenges, and give our customers the confidence, insights and assurance they need to stay competitive in an ever-evolving market.

“ISG demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment in a challenging programme and economic landscape. The team shared their significant education experience, lessons learnt and innovations from previous projects.”

Barney Harle, head of major projects, Manchester City Council

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Schools and nurseries

We work closely with our customers to deliver vibrant, interactive and flexible surroundings that inspire excellence, and equip teaching staff and students with the space to shape their futures.  
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We’ve delivered new buildings, refurbishments, extensions, and more across 214 projects in public and private schools and nurseries during our time working in education.

This has involved projects where the school remained open with temporary accommodation provided for students to continue their studies while we worked, to the delivery of brand new schools.

Projects include:

  • Wynyard Primary School, Billingham, UK
  • Temple Learning Academy, Leeds, UK

Higher education

We continue to deliver flexible and functional higher education buildings that focus on the student experience and inspire excellence every day.                                                                                
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It stems from our collaborative approach and in-house specialists who truly understand the unique challenges and opportunities the sector brings. We have worked collaboratively with a number of leading further education providers to deliver truly inspiring and effective spaces including workshops, studios, laboratories, auditoriums, leisure facilities and teaching areas.

Projects include:

  • Richmond Upon Thames College, London, UK
  • Barking and Dagenham, London, UK – The new Centre of Advanced Technologies
  • Trafford College, Manchester, UK

Further education

Our success in the further education sector is due to more than our expertise in construction.                                                                                                                      
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From specialist technology and engineering fits outs to designing and building new campuses for university departments, we’ve run 70 projects with higher education providers so far.

Projects include:

  • Cardiff University Cardiff, UK – The new computer and maths building
  • University of West England Bristol, UK – Bristol Business School
  • UCL London, UK – The new Neurology Centre


We are proud of our dynamic delivery across a wide range of public sector frameworks, and education has been a key sector for us across a number of these.                                  
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We approach every project with a legacy mindset. More than that, we strive for what we call enduring value. By developing relationships with our customers built on trust, collaboration and shared vision, we deliver resilient, agile and future-proofed places that surpass expectations and provide long-term economic and social value for people.

Frameworks featuring our education sector work include:

  • The North West Construction Hub – delivering schools across the North West
  • Department for Education Framework
  • Yorbuild2
  • Pagabo
  • Southern Construction Framework

Our work in education

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