Presentations to students - April 2015

April 2015

ASL George & Mirna Band Image
George Hirons (Graduate Trainee), Mirna Ayoubi (Assistant Design Manager)

Presentation to students

Mirna Ayoubi (Assistant Design Manager) and George Hirons (Graduate Trainee) conducted two presentations to the American school students during their assemblies on behalf of our ISG site team. The presentations focused on promoting the construction industry, and informing the students of the progress of works through highlighting similarities between Lego construction and the works taking place on site. Their presentation also gave an insight to the machinery used on site with interesting facts and comparisons to give the students an idea of the scale of works involved, with questions at the end. 

The first presentation was presented to 450 Lower School students, aged 4-10.  The second presentation was presented to 450 Middle School students, aged 10-14. The presentations were an overall success, praised by Payson Bullard at American School London - 

“I just wanted to let you know that George Hirons and Mirna Ayoubi did a fantastic job of presenting to our year 6 to 9 students here at ASL last week. They were informative, engaging, and wholly accommodating to our unique needs as an American school here in London. Our teachers and students gave me a lot of positive feedback on their presentation. Thank you for connecting us with professionals such as George and Mirna. They do well to giving ISG a VERY good name.” 
Payson Bullard | Middle School Coordinator of Student Life | American School in London