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We encourage our people to think differently and share their opinions. After all, if we want to be a company that has bold ideas and encourages debate, we need to have differing views in the room. Read more of our latest thinking below.

  • Devonshire Club Library Fit Out - ISG


    10 February 2017

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  • Hotels, Hospitality, London, Liverpool, Construction, Manchester

    Adapt to thrive: the regional hotel space race is well underway

    28 November 2016 / By Andy McLinden

    ISG regional managing director Andy McLinden discusses construction opportunities in the regional hotels and hospitality sector as property in the capital becomes increasingly harder to find.

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  • WhatWeThink - BIM - ISG
    BIM, Technical fit out, Fit out, Technology

    How BIM can make you invaluable to your client

    1 October 2016 / By Richard Oldfield

    ISG and Asda’s BIM journey started around four years ago when discussions were held to evaluate the benefits of BIM implementation for the supermarket’s capital works framework programme.

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  • What we think - Workplace of Tomorrow - ISG
    Office, Design management, Design and Build, Technology, Fit out, Technical fit out

    Connected and Collaborative: Taking the Office Out of the Everyday

    2 September 2016 / By Ardell Bunt

    With the unified communications sector predicted to be worth more than £52 billion by 2020, SMEs and start-ups in this field look set to increase. But what will their offices look like?

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  • What we think - BIM - ISG
    BIM, Fit out, Technical fit out

    Are we at the tipping point for BIM adoption in the supply chain?

    2 September 2016 / By Mark Norton

    The experience of finishes and interior contractors operating in a BIM environment would probably be best described as inconsistent.

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  • What we think - ISG
    Waste facilities, Sustainability, Health, Construction management

    Can the industry raise its game to meet stringent waste production targets in 2020?

    1 September 2016 / By Peter Kelly

    With the formation of BuildUK in September 2015, it could be argued that the environmental agenda hasn’t been a key immediate priority when compared to fair payment, health and safety, training and skills.

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  • Data centre
    BIM, Datacentres, Technical fit out, Fit out

    Think integration if you truly value your datacentre BIM investment

    15 August 2016 / By Matthew Roche

    So much has been written about BIM, that it’s become increasingly hard for clients to separate fact from fiction, and to drill down and reveal the real tangible benefits this methodology brings to the datacentre ‘design, build and operate community’.

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  • BIM, Fit out, Technical fit out, Technology

    BIM is constantly evolving

    29 April 2016 / By Mark Norton

    While the pace and proliferation of new technology entering the sector has been impressive, we’ve yet to find software that delivers the all-encompassing solution we require.

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  • ISG - Social value
    Liverpool, Construction, Residential

    Want to know what social value looks like?

    30 March 2016 / By Dr Vicky Hutchinson

    Ultimately, social value must go beyond the notion of ‘giving something back’. It’s not a pre-qualification tick in a box, but a genuine opportunity for built environment organisations and their public sector clients to actively build social improvement into every publicly funded scheme

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  • What we think - BIM - ISG
    BIM, Technology, Fit out, Technical fit out

    Challenging BIM’s top down approach

    10 March 2016 / By Mark Norton

    The onus for driving BIM processes and methodology has traditionally landed squarely at the door of the main contractor. It’s easy to see why this top down approach continues to prevail.

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